Slunečná terasa


Locality - ZASTAVKA

Town of Zastavka lies about 19 km west of Brno. Zastavka is easily accessible from both ways of a D1 Prague- Brno highway (Exit 182 Kyvalka-5 km, Exit 178 Ostrovacice 8 km, Exit 162 Velka Bites - 10 km). A first class road is going through the town as well. Road no.23 Brno - Ceske Budejovice (south Bohemia). The time distance between Brno and Zastavka is around 15 min. Zastavka is part of the integrated transport system of South Moravia (very good connection with the city of Brno and its surroundings).

There is a complete range of services such as: shops, business, industry, health, bus and train transport, schools etc. in Zastavka.

The locality of Zastavka is also very suitable for businesses that don’t need to be placed in the center of larger cities, but need to have a good access to the centers of business – such as Brno - and an easy access to the main roads and highways, railway and on the other hand quiet environment inside a green area and forests.